Parents who want to give their children the world.

We've all seen the stories, read the research: children need more time outside. The natural world is the perfect setting for children to foster their innate sense of wonder and spirit of adventure. To a child the earth is a magical place; we facilitate opportunities for the magic to happen.



Early-childhood education in a classroom with no walls.


During classes children play, explore, dig, construct, create, observe, and ponder what we encounter in nature. We sing songs, build shelters, track animals, create nature art, tell stories, ask questions, discover answers, and most importantly, find joy in being outside. Our instructional philosophy is rooted in unstructured flow learning, child-inspired emergent curriculum, place-based focus, inquiry-based teaching style and authentic play.



Because learning doesn't occur only indoors.


Students don't just leave with dirty hands. The learning outcomes of our classes include nature exploration and identification, social skills development, movement and body awareness, problem solving, artistic expression, and creative play. And, most importantly, it's FUN. 

Look deep into nature
and then you will understand everything better.
- Albert Einstein