Donate Money

We are in the process of becoming at 501-C-3 non-profit. We humbly ask that you consider donating to help us cover costs, work on special projects, and our goal to be able to offer scholarships and financial aid to future students. Any donation, big or small, is appreciated!


If you are interested in financially backing a specific project (like building a composting toilet!) please contact to discuss further. Thank you!


Donate Items

We strive to be as "green" as possible, with our Forest School having a goal of being 100% sustainable, which means we try to buy as little new items as we can. This means we are always finding creative ways to repurpose things like tree logs, furniture, stainless steel kitchen items, building supplies, garden tools, kids' outdoor clothing, etc. If you have something you think we could use please email and we'll let you know if we can find a place for it!


Donate Time

We are often in need of folks with special skills that could be of use to us (especially with building projects). If you think you have a skill set, talent, professional connection, etc., that could help us meet our needs please email Thank you! 



It Takes a Village!


We started this journey with the goal of giving a high-quality outdoor learning experience to as many children as possible. We're growing steadily, and every little bit helps. We fully recognize the importance of our community, and our success thus far could not have been possible without you, so THANK YOU!