Loblolly Adventures Terms and Policies:
Puddle Jumpers:
Kids will be kids...

Children may get hurt during class. By signing this agreement, you release and hold harmless Loblolly Adventures, its agents and employees from all claims, damages, and other liability for injury to the student, both during and outside of class, where such claims, damages, and other liability are not the result of intentional conduct or negligence by Loblolly Adventures, LLC, its agents or employees.

Money stuff...

Loblolly Adventures guarantees a full prorated refund (minus a $25 administrative fee) for the session's remaining classes before the third class of any period. No refunds thereafter. In the event that you decide to withdraw your child from the program, you must notify Loblolly Adventures no less than 24 hours before the third class of the pertinent period, and are responsible for all charges until you do so. We offer no refunds for missed classes. Three free make-up classes are permitted, contingent on availability and upon express and specific consent of Loblolly Adventures management. Additional make-ups are available for a fee of $20 per make-up. All make-ups must be used before the end of the current semester; under no circumstances do makeups carry over to any other season.

Let's do our part!

Loblolly Adventures teachers work hard to preserve the natural wonder of our local parks. By signing this pledge, you agree that you will too. That means you will protect the park's trees, never breaking or straining their branches or digging near roots; you will stay clear of areas marked for regrowth; you will show respect for wildlife, observing animals from the appropriate distance; you will never litter in the park and will do your best to remove garbage and other hazards to the park's wildlife; you will work with us to help teach your children how to have this same respect for the natural world.